001a. Message from Jesus on the day of September 1, 2015.

The instrument: Ms. Marta P. from Slovakia, who prefers anonymity.


For Peter the admin and the others:

Beloved, you have received eleven hundred instances of proof about the ending of the history of this life. The signs are clear. The apocalypse is coming. Now we will see clear signs from nature during the Warning of conscience that will be difficult for all humankind. Warning of conscience, purification, punishment and Pentecost will end history.

It is a waste of time to surf the Internet and look for news that shock you. Do not debate, but repent, because there is not enough time!

Turzovka (*) and its church is a sign of the end for all nations, not only for the chosen elites of the Church.

The world fell into the dust of darkness and dirt, into dirt of feeling, which is a murderer of God and the soul.

The Church also fell, does not exist in this world and only one place remains where there is living in truth as you received in these messages and in messages from other sources.

The truth in Gospel says: It is not possible to serve two masters. It is not possible to have two heads (**), that is an error. You have clear evidence. With the arrival of Francis sacrifice was invalidated. Electronic devices are Satans tools and cannot be used to serve God even though God used it as a warning to you. It was written in the Book of Revelation of Saint John. The end is here.

Repent, because these electronic devices will be switched off by the intervention. And what will you do then? Cry and be regretful? The false Pope cannot give you the Truth. Wake up and repent while you still can. You wanted an answer. You have received a helpful mercy. Let everyone know. Be prepared for an event that will negate all truths of human understanding that you have accepted instead of Gods Truth. The Gospel cannot be changed.

You have the signs. Even Turzovka is a sign of the end and the birth of a new human being through the Son of God and the Holiest Mother. Look towards the top of the church tower in Turzovka where the crown of the Holiest Mother lies. It is a woman clothed in the sun named the holiest Eucharist and is true everywhere where truth is present. Hold on to her and she will bring you to the Truth. It is a woman with a heel of the meek through whom history is concluded.

The Spirit of God provided you the guiding light as to what to do and where to go.

Ecumenism and other forms of change in the so-called fallen Church and the world are the signs of Satan and the end of time they are sins of impurity.

That is why you have been given signs. It is time to repent, while you have the time. So do repent. Pass this message on in the public including all priests. The end is here.

The warning is above your head. It will be surprising and painful for you, but it will bring salvation to many.

Jesus, the Son of God, did not arrive to judge those who have been condemned, but to save them through new seed of life that everyone needs to enter into a new conception. That is the mystery of salvation. That is the Mother of God on the church tower in Turzovka it is a sign that the event is already here.

Repent through the pain of your own discovery and denial of erroneous thinking that humankind received from Satan, who is hiding behind feelings. The Gospel uncovers this horror.

Be prepared and be brave. Let everyone know. It is the last consolation. Thank you for acceptance.

Son of Man

(*) Turzovka is a small town in Northwest Slovakia. It is the location of one of the last shrines of Mother of Salvation. There is a well-known Marian pilgrimage site in the mountains nearby as well as a new church, which was consecrated in October 2015.

(**) in the Church notes by the admin Peter