002a. Message from Jesus on the day of September 4, 2015.

The instrument: Ms. Marta P. from Slovakia, who prefers anonymity.


For Peter the admin answer for you and the others:

From the mercy of Father and Son and Holy Spirit, you are receiving an answer to your request. In the Gospel, God Father revealed everything through his Son. As a Father, he has the right to give helpful mercy to his children in his way, not in the way people think and expect.

During these last times, Father provided detailed instructions for preparing you for the end of history through Messages of Maria of Ireland. Very few souls actually accepted that. Most people only sighed with surprise even though they heard, because they were in the dark due to human understanding of truth and feelings that do not want to accept the reality of life. Only a few souls accepted this warning.

This helping mercy of Consolation that you pleaded for includes all Messages by Maria of Ireland that appeal for people to wake up and accept the end, which is here. In these Messages, you will find everything that has been said in this Consolation that you have published.

God has the right to do as he sees fit.

Do not forget that letters kill the spirit. The spirit does what it wants and this Consolation was uplifting and encouraging for all of you during this difficult torment of spirit and body.

Turzovka, which was pointed out, is a sign of the end as well as a sign of the mystery of salvation. It is the mountain of Truth named Zivcak, from which the truth of life is streaming for all nations, not only for elites of the Church.

Repentance that you have been asked to make, means a change in your heart, thinking and feeling it is the Gospel that should have been preached by all priests and friars, but this did not take place. They sold their soul to Satan with their connection with the world and electronic devices. And so even brother Francis, the second false head of the Church preaches the death of eternal life and for all of you that is a clear sign of the end. That is why not even those closest to you are not able to accept the Truth because they take human feelings into consideration. They will accept it only during the Warning of conscience and punishment.

Brother Peter, we are with you. You are strengthened by the love of God Father. Please do accept this harassment and attacks from souls that have no Light.

It is our mission and destiny to help and pay the debts for souls that are unknowing, deceived and misused by Satan.

The mysteries of salvation and the end are protected by my Father. A shining place will show itself on the Pentecost.

Things you have received are in the Gospel. You asked about the source. Due to human emotion and your assurance these things are included in the Gospel. There lies the answer who is the Son of Man. It is the same answer given by Maria of Ireland because God never contradicts himself, but confirms the carried out Salvation of his Son where truth as it is understood on human level cannot set course to Him. That is why even though you do not understand you should accept Gods help with humility, respect and without discussion.

Such was the humility of the Holy Virgin, the Co-redeemer of the work of the new human being.

Other things that you do not understand God will reveal to you in Warning of conscience, punishment and Pentecost.

This Consolation was given to you as the last help and for the acceptance of Gods plan. It is the last help of the consolation and it is revealed to you in messages from other sources.

Brother Peter, do not ask who are Marta and the Son of Man. It is in the Gospel. God reaches down to man in order to help him.

This arrow of light reached all hearts in darkness in order to awaken them. So the situation would finally move forward because the eternal death that threatens souls and the world is imminent. That is why we asked for your repentance, your denial of your self and the world!

Warning of conscience is hanging above your heads at this moment. It is not years, or even months away, but hours, minutes and seconds away certainly not according to human understanding, but in accordance with Gods plan.

Thank you for your acceptance.

Son of Man